Monday, December 26, 2005

Group Field Names Can No Longer Begin with a Number

In the past, Group field names could begin with a number. For example, a Group could have a field named "1Address". This is no longer allowed, as a rule has been put in place forbidding field names from beginning with a number. This is so that field names can be compliant with VBScript variable names, for those customers wishing to use VBScript conditional logic statements within the body of their e-mails.

Mass E-mail ID#s More Accessible Now

For certain functions, it is necessary to know the JangoMail assigned ID# for a particular mass e-mail. This ID# can now easily be retrieved from two places:

1. The "Sending Complete" e-mail notifications that go out after a mass e-mail is completed will contain the ID#.

2. Under "Reporting", in the "General Job Statistics Report", clicking the Subject of a mass e-mail launches a popup with the e-mail's details. This popup will now contain the mass e-mail ID#.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Credit Card Receipts Will Now Contain Purchase Order Numbers

If your organization has generated a Purchase Order Number (PO) for JangoMail billing, this number will now automatically appear on any credit card receipts generated by our billing system.

Bug Fix - adding unsubscribe link to plain text messages will no longer force CAN-SPAM footer

Last week, a customer who included an unsubscribe LINK within a plain text message noticed that JangoMail still forced the CAN-SPAM footer onto the bottom of his e-mail. This was because, in plain text messages, JangoMail was looking for the presence of the words "unsubscribe" or "unlist".

This has now been corrected, so that a plain text message with either "unsubscribe", "unlist", or an unsubscribe link within the message will NOT have the CAN-SPAM footer forced on.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

JangoMail Joins Email Sender and Provider Coalition

JangoMail has joined the premier industry organization for e-mail service providers, the ESPC, or Email Sender and Provider Coalition.

From the ESPC web site at

The Email Sender and Provider Coalition (ESPC) was formed to fight spam while protecting the delivery of legitimate email. The ESPC members have recognized the need for strong spam solutions that ensure the delivery of legitimate email and have been very active in the war against spam.

The Email Sender and Provider Coalition is a cooperative group of industry leaders working to create solutions to the continued proliferation of spam and the emerging problem of deliverability. Our membership provides volume mail delivery services to an estimated 250,000 clients - representing the full breadth of the U.S. marketplace. The ESPC is currently working on solutions to spam and deliverability concerns through a combination of legislative advocacy, technological development, and industry standards.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

New Support Phone Number

We have altered our phone system and we now have a toll free 888 support phone number. It is 1-888-709-4099. All JangoMail customers needing phone support should dial this number. International customers can dial 614-343-3864.

Please do NOT dial the old 937-435-8123 or 1-888-GO-JANGO numbers for support, as these numbers will now be used exclusively for pre-sale inquiries.

Group Scrubs Optimized

Scrubs on JangoMail Groups will now run faster and smoother than ever before, thanks to some code optimizations this week. Previously, timeout errors would occur while trying to access a large Group if it was also being scrubbed at the same time, but this should not happen anymore.