Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Holiday Wishes from JangoMail

JangoMail has been celebrating the holiday season. Secret Santa, ugly Christmas sweaters, and the much awaited Christmas party!

This year we thought we'd give you a peek at how we celebrate during this very merry, but very busy, time of the year. 
JangoMail held the first annual Jangies (loosely inspired by the Dundies). Two of our fearless leaders handed out trophies in a variety of (very unique) categories. 
First annual JangoMail Jangies, presented by Jeff and Erick.

What else does Christmas entail at JangoMail HQ? RockBand, Nick Offerman videos, Chinese food and kiddos in the office. From the JangoMail family, to you and yours, Happy Holidays and a wonderful new year. 

We'd love to hear about your holiday traditions! Let us know what your family or your office family  enjoys each year in the comment section below!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Email Marketing DOs

Email marketing DOs, email marketing tips from JangoMail.

Email Marketing DOs 

Email marketing tips from JangoMail

Here are a few things that you should DO to ensure better delivery and interaction rates when using JangoMail (or any email service provider).

Wondering what the content of your emails should be? Test a variety of campaigns to see where your customers engage. Which campaigns are being opened? What links are being clicked? Use these results to create best practices for your business. Below are some content tips to help you get started.

Do remember it’s not always about you: One big mistake we often see is businesses crafting the messages they would want to see, without taking into account the content their subscribers interact with the most. Try to tailor your message with the data you have about your clientele. Use the sales data, web analytics and reporting tools in JangoMail to determine what works best with your subscribers. This may mean that the content of your emails doesn’t align with your personal preferences, but it will be the content your subscribers want.

List of email marketing DOs from JangoMail.
Do competitor research:  Check out your competitor’s website, subscribe to their emails and follow them on social media. There is always something to learn from what others in your industry are doing. Never copy someone else’s campaign, but feel free to learn from what your competitors are doing.

Do use proper grammar: This should go without saying, but even the best of us make mistakes from time to time. Make sure to review your content with a fine-tooth comb. Cross all the T’s and dot those I’s. Use proper punctuation and make sure it all makes sense and your sentences are framed well. You can break grammar rules, but make sure it’s clear that the mistake was intentional rather than an oversight.

Do format your text: Make your text visually appealing. This is especially important in text only emails. Use bold, italic and colored text to draw attention to key ideas and the call to action. Make sure your font choices are consistent throughout your message.  

Do break up text with headlines and images:  Break up larger blocks of text with headlines or images. The best email messages are short and to the point. Readers will be overwhelmed by large text blocks and are unlikely to read the whole message. Keep your email visually interesting with other elements placed between blocks of copy. Another option is to have subscribers click through to your website to read or download the rest of your message.

For more tips check out Ryan's video below.