Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Subject line LENGTH validation on Send E-mail page

Some customers have been getting an error after clicking the "Send" button on the "Send E-mail" page if the Subject line is too long (greater than 200 characters).

We have now added a validation check so that you get a popup alert asking you to shorten your Subject line if JangoMail detects that the Subject line is too long when you hit the "Send" button.

Monday, April 10, 2006

mail.jangomail.com will now refuse connections from spammer IPs

As an extension to the JangoMail Spam Blocker, every day starting wtih today, IP addresses that send mail.jangomail.com (the incoming e-mail handler for @jangomail.com e-mail addresses) the highest amount of spam e-mail will be added to a blocklist that will prevent them from establishing a connection on port 25 to mail.jangomail.com.

This additional security measure will further reduce the amount of spam received as replies to mass e-mailings, and will conserve overall JangoMail network resources and bandwidth.