Monday, October 01, 2012

Connecting, Sharing, Do More With Social

The wheels have been turning and we added a few new features to JangoMail you should hear about!

Connect With Facebook

First off, we've integrated with Facebook Connect. Now you can connect your organization's Facebook account to JangoMail Account in as little as 2 clicks. Connecting with Facebook boasts the potential for lots of cool, seamless social integration features in the future. These will help you to spread the word about your campaigns faster, with greater ease, and ultimately bring more customers in.

To connect with Facebook, go to Settings-->Integrating JangoMail with Other Systems and click on the "edit icon" under "Connect with Facebook"

Auto Sharing Campaigns

Among the first features you have with connecting to Facebook is the ability to enable Auto-Sharing of campaigns directly on your Facebook Page. When you enable auto sharing, campaign pages are immediately shared on your organization's Facebook Page, immediately when you send a new campaign. Your Facebook fans and followers can now be presented with your campaign message, live, right on their Facebook news feed.

and Sign-Up With Facebook!

Another cool feature available to you if you connect JangoMail to your Facebook account is you'll have the ability to login to your JangoMail account from the homepage, just by clicking the "Facebook" button, under Login. 

This is really nifty for many customers, especially those who are logged into Facebook all the time, because when you're logged in to Facebook already, it just takes the click of the button at and you'll be instantly logged into JangoMail. No need to memorize your JangoMail username or password. You can just use Facebook. How neat is that?

If you're already a customer, this feature is great, but if you're a new customer, it's just as easy to join up and create a new account on JangoMail using your Facebook account as well. Just click the "Sign-up with Facebook" button, accept the permissions, and start enjoying the Free Trial.

Share on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus

We love giving you different options for ways you can share. You don't have to connect with Facebook to share campaigns. You can also do it quite easily from the message status screen right after you launch a new campaign. Just click on the share links presented on the status dialog after you launch a campaign to post the campaign directly on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus.

You can also share campaigns directly from your campaign's web page, so you can rest assured that your organization and campaign recipients can keep the message spreading through all of cyberspace.

Remember also, as we announced in a post last month, Facebook and Twitter Share statistics can be easily viewed directly on the reporting dashboard. This information comes in handy as a way to quantify social effectiveness, as users spread your campaigns across the social networks.

We hope you've enjoyed some of the latest additions we've made. Stay tuned as a lot more is on the way! If you have any requests, questions, comments, feedback, please send us a message. We'd love to hear from you. And thanks for doing email right.