Friday, October 15, 2010

New Security Feature: Restrict account access by IP address

You can now restrict access to your JangoMail email account by IP address. You can specify a range of allowable IP addresses or a single IP address.

To restrict access by IP address, go to Settings --> Security --> IP Addresses. Simply enter in a single IP address or a range of IP addresses and designate whether the restriction should apply to the web interface, the API, or both.

In the above screenshot, the IP address range can access the web interface for this account, while the single IP is the only IP address that can access the API for this account.

If there are no IPs entered, as is the default on accounts, then there are NO restrictions on which IP addresses can access your account. As soon as you enter at least one IP range, then that becomes the range from which your account must be accessed.

If a user attempts to login to the web interface from an unauthorized IP address, then the user will see the following message:

If the API is called by a node outside of the authorized IP addresses, then an exception will be thrown, as shown below:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Feature: Use Our Google Maps Integration to Create and Send to an Email List

You can now use our Google Maps report to create Follow-Up Email Lists and send Follow-Up Email Campaigns.

Earlier, we launched a series of new reporting features that allow you to create and send to an Email List from an Open, Click, and Page View report, as well as from an Unsubscribe, Bounce, and Transactional Email report. We have added to this feature set to allow you to send Follow-Up Email Campaigns or create Follow-Up Email Lists from a Google Maps geo targeting report.

There are two new icons in our Google Maps geo targeting report that allow you to Create and Send to an Email List. Click on the image below to see the two new icons.

Send more relevant marketing emails quickly and easily with this feature.
  • Notify recipients who are within a geographic area of a new store opening.
  • Send a sports-themed email featuring a team local to the recipients' area. 
  • Create a weather or outdoor-themed email relevant to the recipients' geography.
How to use a Google Maps Report to Create and Send to an Email List
  1. Go to the REPORTS tab and click on the data point that you would like to use to create an Email List. In this example, we are clicking on a Unique Opens report.
  2. Click on the (map) link next to the Recipients count.
  3. Narrow down your report by using the navigation on the left side of the report, or by clicking on areas in the map and clicking Select.
  4. Once you narrow down your report, you will see a list of recipients below the Google Maps geo targeting report. Click on the Create Email List Icon or the Send to Email List Icon to turn this report into an Email List or to send directly to the email addresses in the report.

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