Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Reporting Features: Click anywhere, filter instantly

We have launched a major reporting enhancement that makes it much easier to segment reporting data and send on-the-fly email marketing broadcasts to segmented data with one single click.

The instant segmentation applies to data in these reports:
  • Mass Email Opens
  • Mass Email Clicks
  • Mass Email Web Site Activity Tracking
  • Mass Email Unsubscribes
  • Mass Email Bounces
  • Transactional Email Opens
  • Transactional Email Clicks
  • Transactional Email Unsubscribes
  • Transactional Email Bounces
  • All Bounces
  • All Unsubscribes
Clicking almost any data point in one of these reports will result in an instant filter being created. The filtered data can then be used to send a new email campaign right away, or to create a new Email List.

Example 1, Filtering Click Tracking

For example, in our customer Popcorn Palace's account, here is a recent click tracking report:

After clicking on a URL in the click-tracking report, the filter is created, and a new report is generated:

Example 2, Filtering Web Site Analytics

In this example, we'll create an instant filter on the Web Site Activity Tracking report, a report that tracks a user's movement through your web site after clicking a link in an email campaign. In this example, we're going to use our own JangoMail account -- the one we use to email our own customers and prospects.

From the main Reports screen, click the number under "Page Views".

This gives you a list of all recipients and the web pages on your site that they visited. To filter down to just the recipients that created a Free Trial Account, or landed on, click the URL anywhere in the report.

More Resources

For more information on the two new icons, Send new campaign, and Create Email List, available throughout Reports, see this blog post.

You can also filter an Email List directly from within the Email Lists tab. For more information, see the tutorial Advanced Filtering of List Members.