Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Security Feature

Today we have introduced a new security feature which will alert the account holder in cases where attempts to gain unauthorized access to a JangoMail account are being made.

JangoMail will notify the account holder if more than 5 failed login attempts are made within a 30 minute period.

In such cases, the account holder will receive an e-mail like the following:

Subject: JangoMail: Security Alert -- 6 Failed Login Attempts (browniekitchen)


Dear Kim Cook,

Your account has had a high number of failed login attempts in the last 30 minutes. We are notifying you of this in case you are unaware of this and someone is trying to gain access to your account. If you have a weak password, please change it now by logging into your account and going to the Account Info tab.

Please direct any questions to


The JangoMail Administrator
1-888-709-4099 or 614-343-3864

Lastly, in cases where someone has gained unauthorized access to an account, a simple password change will disable all sending ability of the unauthorized user. Previously, if two or more machines were logged into the same JangoMail account, and the user of one of the machines changed the password on the account, the logged-in user of the second machine could continue using the JangoMail account. Now, when the first user changes the password, the second user will be automatically logged out as soon as he attempts to send anything.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

New Reporting Enhancements

Today, we have launched several reporting enhancements, including:
  1. The ability to set a local Time Zone, and have all Reporting date/times be localized to your time zone. The only exception is the timestamps that appear in SMTP log files, which will always be on GMT time.
  2. The ability to turn the AJAX screen refresh feature off. AJAX allows your browser to update reporting statistics on the main campaign summary page or on a campaign detail page right before your eyes, without refreshing the page in the browser. Recently, some customers have requested the ability to turn this feature off.
  3. The times on the main campaign summary page are now in 24 hour format, making it easier to tell whether a time is in the AM or PM.
  4. Filters on reports are now memorized, so that the same filter will apply the next time you load the report. For example, if you go to the main campaign summary report, and you set the Job Type filter to be All, then log out and back in, when you go back to the Reporting tab, the report will default to Job Type=All.
Below is a screenshot of the new "Preferences" screen that allows you to control your Time Zone and AJAX settings.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Improvements to Google Analytics Integration

You can now customize the four variables used with our Google Analytics integration. The four variables that Google Analytics expects are:

utm_source (previously set to "JangoMail")
utm_medium (previously set to "Email")
utm_content (previously set to recipient's email address)
utm_campaign (previously set to campaign Subject followed by campaign ID number)

Previously, these four variables would be set for you by JangoMail, but now you can customize the values of these variables by using certain parameters. The parameters available for use are:

%%Subject%% (subject of your e-mail campaign)
%%CampaignID%% (numeric identifier for your campaign)
%%EmailAddress%% (recipient e-mail address)

Here is a screenshot of what the new page looks like under My Options --> Google Analytics Settings: