Sunday, October 29, 2006

Improved header/footer management

You can now specify distinct headers/footers for plain text and HTML messages.

Previously, you could only specify one header and one footer, and you would have to decide whether this should apply to plain text or HTML or both types of messages.

You can now specify a header/footer set for plain text messages and a different header/footer set for HTML messages.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

New e-mail address to send mass e-mail initiations

If you initiate mass e-mails from your desktop e-mail client by sending an e-mail message to, you should now send your e-mail message to instead. Sending to rather than will result in your mass e-mail initiation being processed almost immediately.

Recently, some customers have experienced delays when sending mass e-mail initiations to because the also processes all bounces/unsubscribes/replies for customers' mass e-mailings, and this causes the mail handler to experience backlogs occasionally.

By isolating where mass e-mail initiations are sent, we can ensure that your mass e-mail initiations are processed separately from unsubsribes/bounces/replies.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Embedded URL feature now supports personalization

The JangoMail "Embedded URL" feature allows you to embed URLs within the body of your e-mail message. When JangoMail sends the actual e-mail message, JangoMail will replace the URL with the actual content pulled from that web address. For example, if your e-mail message contained:


then the content from JangoMail's home page would be sent in the e-mail message.

Now, you can use personalization syntax to customize the URL per e-mail recipient. For example, if you are sending to a JangoMail Group with the following fields:


the body 0f your e-mail message can contain:


Previously, personalization syntax was not allowed in embedded URLs, but now personalization syntax is allowed.

Group sharing between Master/Sub Accounts

You now have the ability to use a Group from a agency master account in an agency sub-account. This provides for centralized Group administration - simply upload the Group to your master account, and then you can send to the Group from within any sub-account.

Group sharing between the master and sub-account can be turned on or off at the individual sub-account level. So you can set some of your sub-accounts to display Groups from the master account while other sub-accounts only display their own Groups.

If you would like to activate this feature for your master/sub-accounts, please contact JangoMail support.