Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cleaner look for the "Send E-mail" page

We have made some slight design modifications to the "Send E-mail" page which gives it a cleaner look:

1. The form fields have all been pushed about 50 pixels to the right, making them more flush with the black vertical line that does down the right. This frees up more whitespace on the left side of the screen and makes the screen more pleasing to the eye.

2. The colored box above the Subject field that explains personalization now does so more clearly and contains a link to the JangoMail Personalization Tutorial. The box also no longer spans the width of the entire screen.

Friday, May 19, 2006

You can now save Group Filters

While using the Advanced Query Editor to segment and filter Group members, you can now save filters under a friendly name, which allows you to run the filters later without re-composing the filter criteria.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

New Feature: Additional synchronization options for web databases

The second phase of our new "Behavioral Targeting" feature has been completed. Those customers that use JangoMail to pull data in real-time from their web site's databases can now have JangoMail write data back to their databases based on recipient's behaviors.

The following actions can be synchronized with a web database:

1. Unsubscribes
2. Bounces
3. Change of e-mail address requests
4. E-mail opens
5. E-mail clicks
6. Forward to friend requests
7. Web site activity

Each action can be associated with a custom SQL query which will be executed against the web database when the action occurs. By taking advantage of these synchronization options, you can send targeted mass e-mail campaigns to your e-mail database based on a recipient’s past behavior. For example, you can send to just those recipients that opened a particular e-mail campaign or clicked a particular link in a particular campaign.

To learn more about JangoMail's ability to communicate with a web database, see the updated tutorial.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

New Feature / New Tutorial: Filtering Groups Based on Past Member Behavior

In preparation for our "Behavioral Targeting" feature which will be officially launched next week, we have published a new tutorial on filtering group members. The tutorial can be downloaded here.

You can now filter Group members based on the Group member's past behavior, such as clicking a link in a certain campaign, or opening an e-mail, or visiting a certain page on your web site.

This tutorial teaches you how to filter a Group to send to only members that match a certain criteria. Perhaps you only want to send to the Hotmail addresses in a Group. Perhaps you only want to send to those Group members whose “Age” is over 30. Perhaps you only want to send to those members of the Group that have joined the Group in the last 60 days. Perhaps you only want to send to those members of the Group who have clicked at least one link in a prior e-mail campaign. You can accomplish all of these by filtering your Group. You can filter your Group based on two kinds of criteria:

1. The information you have stored for each Group member in the Group’s fields, such as FirstName, LastName, Age, DOB, City

2. Information stored in your JangoMail account about the Group member’s past behavior, such as clicks and opens

For more information, see the tutorial.

Our "Private Label" customers will see a branded version of this tutorial within their application's "Help" tab.

Monday, May 08, 2006

New Tutorial on Unsubscribe and Bounce Management

Because JangoMail provides such sophisticated and robust unsubscribe and bounce management, we've published a comprehensive tutorial covering these subjects. The tutorial can be downloaded here.

The tutorial covers the following topics and more:

  • How to add unsubscribe instructions to your e-mail

  • How to customize what the recipient sees after clicking the unsubscribe link

  • How to brand the unsubscribe link itself

  • How to remove unsubscribed addresses from your Groups

  • How to let recipients unsubscribe from a particular Group rather than your whole account

  • How to add/remove unsubscribed addresses and domains

  • How JangoMail takes feedback data from AOL, Outblaze, and other ISPs and automatically unsubscribes users that report your e-mailings as spam

  • How to synchronize unsubsribed addresses with a web database

  • How to customize bounce handling

  • How to view bounced e-mail messages

  • What counts as a "bounce" message and what does not

Our "Private Label" customers will see a branded version of this tutorial within their application's "Help" tab.

We've updated our "client testimonials" page

Find our what our customers have been saying about us...we've updated our testimonials page to include comments from customers from the last year and a half. Remember that JangoMail's testimonials are not fabricated quotes. They are real and unsolicited e-mail messages that we have received from our customers!