Monday, May 08, 2006

New Tutorial on Unsubscribe and Bounce Management

Because JangoMail provides such sophisticated and robust unsubscribe and bounce management, we've published a comprehensive tutorial covering these subjects. The tutorial can be downloaded here.

The tutorial covers the following topics and more:

  • How to add unsubscribe instructions to your e-mail

  • How to customize what the recipient sees after clicking the unsubscribe link

  • How to brand the unsubscribe link itself

  • How to remove unsubscribed addresses from your Groups

  • How to let recipients unsubscribe from a particular Group rather than your whole account

  • How to add/remove unsubscribed addresses and domains

  • How JangoMail takes feedback data from AOL, Outblaze, and other ISPs and automatically unsubscribes users that report your e-mailings as spam

  • How to synchronize unsubsribed addresses with a web database

  • How to customize bounce handling

  • How to view bounced e-mail messages

  • What counts as a "bounce" message and what does not

Our "Private Label" customers will see a branded version of this tutorial within their application's "Help" tab.