Monday, July 16, 2007

New Feature for Group Sign-Up Forms

You can now add a field to your Group named ReferrerURL, and if this field is present, when a new member joins your Group via a Web Site Signup Form, the URL of the page of the form will be captured and stored in this field.

This can be useful if you have multiple Group Web Site Signup Forms on multiple pages of your web site, and you wish to track from what pages within your web site most people are signing up.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Scrub processing is now multi-threaded

We have made Group scrubs multi-threaded, which means our system can now process up to ten Group scrubs at one time. This will greatly improve the speed at which Group scrubs are processed. We also have a built-in safety to ensure that no one single user can occupy more than three Scrub threads at the same time.

Update: Email Campaigns will no longer wait on Scrub Jobs

Previously, an outgoing e-mail campaign would be held up if the Group to which it was going had a pending Scrub job on it. We have now modified our code so that campaigns will go out, even if there is a pending Scrub on the E-mail Group to whom the campaign is going.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bug Fix: Conditional Logic and the Enhanced HTML Editor

When using "greater than" and "less than" symbols with the Enhanced HTML Editor, the symbols would be replaced with "gt;" and "lt;" notations, as is proper HTML. This would then prevent conditional logic/VBSsript within the Body of the e-mail campaign from running properly.

We have fixed this bug by replacing the "gt;" and "lt;" notations with the proper "greater than" and "less than" symbols before the scripting engine processes the Body of the e-mail message.

New Feature for Master/Sub Accounts

We have added a feature tonight which allows you to designate individual sub-accounts to filter against the master account's unsubscribe list when an e-mail campaign is sent from the sub account.

Master account users can manage the unsubscribe settings for individual sub-accounts by going to the Account Info tab, then clicking the Manage Sub-Accounts button. From here, the master account user can toggle on and off the ability of sub-accounts to use the master account's unsubscribe list when sending e-mail campaigns.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

New Feature: Are you sick of being thanked?

Often times, after sending an e-mail campaign, the sender receives an influx of "thank you" auto-replies from recipients. Tonight we have introduced a new Reply Management Feature that allows you to filter out "thank you" auto-replies from valid replies after you send an e-mail campaign.

You can choose to have these "thank you" auto-replies sent to a designated e-mail address, and you can have the subject of the e-mail prepended with some text. For example, you can pre-pend the subject of these e-mails with "THANK YOU: " so that you can easily identify these "thank you" autoresponses from actual replies. You can also choose to have "thank you" auto-replies not e-mailed to you at all but simply stored in Reporting for you to view.

By default, the "thank you" filter is off. To configure your "thank you" filter settings, go to My Options --> Reply Management.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Reply Filters Enhanced

We have made enhancements to our reply handling mechanism - the mechanism that separates and categorizes messages like out-of-office auto-replies, challenge-response emails, and valid replies after you send an e-mail campaign.

Specifically, reply messages that have the following text in the beginning of the Body will be treated as unsubscribes:

  • please remove me
  • dont send me
  • don't send me
  • please stop emailing
  • stop sending me
  • take me off
  • unlist
Additionally, we have improved our Challenge-Response message filtering to include challenges from the following additional Challenge-Response vendors:

  • ZoneAlarm Challenge Response
  • Bsafe Online Challenge REsponse
Lastly, we have improved the "out of office" autoreply filter to include more phrases that indicate that the recipient is temporarily away.

All of these enhancements serve one unified purpose - they allow JangoMail clients to spend less time wading through replies that aren't really replies and more time responding to valid replies and generating revenue for their organizations.

New Feature: Capturing the IP Address and Web Browser from your Web Site Subscription Form

JangoMail allows you to create a Group, define fields for that Group, and then place a sign up form on your web site to add subscribers directly to your JangoMail Group. The process of creating the sign-up form for your web site begins with clicking the Sign Up Form for my Web Site button underneath your chosen Group in the Groups and E-mail Addresses main tab.

It is now possible to capture the IP address and web browser of your visitors. Simply create two extra fields in your Group:
  1. IPAddress
  2. WebBrowser
Adding these two fields to your Group will allow JangoMail to automatically capture your subscriber's IP address and web browser/operating system and will automatically add this data to each Group member's profile upon sign-up.

Note that if you add these two fields to your Group, and then use the Sign Up Form for my Web Site tool, form fields for these two fields WILL NOT be included in the generated HTML code, since we don't want actual subscribers actually inputting anything for these fields.