Wednesday, July 04, 2007

New Feature: Capturing the IP Address and Web Browser from your Web Site Subscription Form

JangoMail allows you to create a Group, define fields for that Group, and then place a sign up form on your web site to add subscribers directly to your JangoMail Group. The process of creating the sign-up form for your web site begins with clicking the Sign Up Form for my Web Site button underneath your chosen Group in the Groups and E-mail Addresses main tab.

It is now possible to capture the IP address and web browser of your visitors. Simply create two extra fields in your Group:
  1. IPAddress
  2. WebBrowser
Adding these two fields to your Group will allow JangoMail to automatically capture your subscriber's IP address and web browser/operating system and will automatically add this data to each Group member's profile upon sign-up.

Note that if you add these two fields to your Group, and then use the Sign Up Form for my Web Site tool, form fields for these two fields WILL NOT be included in the generated HTML code, since we don't want actual subscribers actually inputting anything for these fields.