Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New HTML Editor Option: TinyMCE is here!

We've just added a third choice of HTML editor to JangoMail, and it's a crowd favorite: TinyMCE. TinyMCE is a lightweight, powerful JavaScript-based HTML editor that loads fast. We'll continue to option our other two editors, the simple ActivEdit editor and the powerful Java-based EditLive editor as well. Most of the features we offered in the EditLive editor have been replicated in the TinyMCE editor, including:
  1. One-click ability to insert a CAN-SPAM footer, View as Web Page link, Twitter and Facebook sharing icons
  2. One-click ability to insert custom, pre-defined HTML snippets at the cursor location.
  3. Ability to load templates directly from the editor

Additionally, with the TinyMCE editor, you can switch between the Plain Text Editor and the HTML editor instantly, without having to re-load the page.

While the Java-based EditLive is still quite powerful, some users found it too slow to load and too clunky for rapid keystrokes. The TinyMCE editor is powerful, feature-rich, and lightning fast.

To set your account to use TinyMCE, begin composing a new message. Click the Settings Icon and choose the TinyMCE editor out of the three available options.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Feature: Restrict JangoMail SMTP Relay by From Address

We've launched a new feature that allows you to restrict who can use JangoMail via the SMTP relay service by From Address. Under Settings > Transactional > From Addresses, you may designate which email addresses and domains can send through the relay.

By default, all email addresses and domains can send through the relay.

You only need to specify From Addresses if you wish to restrict the relay to use just by certain people. If you wish to restrict the use of the relay to an entire domain, you can use the wildcard notation * as the From Address to represent all addresses for

Note: Specifying From Address restrictions only apply to emails sent through the SMTP relay, and not through the transactional email API.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Feature: Delivery Optimization Tool

Ensuring good delivery of customer campaigns is of paramount importance here at JangoMail. We've blogged before about steps you as a user can take to help boost your deliverability. Now, we've taken it a step further and created a tool to help you see what you might be able to change to optimize delivery of your campaigns.

The new tool (fittingly named the "Delivery Optimization Tool" can be accessed from your Reports screen by clicking the ***Delivery Tools*** drop-down and choosing Delivery Optimization.

The Delivery Optimization Tool has two different modes of operation. In the first, the tool will analyze the most recent domains you've used for sending in both JangoMail and JangoSMTP; in the second, you can analyze a specific domain. The former is good for general use while the latter is handy if you are setting up a new domain that you have not yet sent from and want to verify you've taken all the correct steps for delivery optimization.

Make your selection (and enter a domain name if applicable) and click the Optimize button to start the analysis. You'll get a report listing any steps you should consider to help improve delivery. And of course, if you need any assistance implementing the steps outlined in your report feel free to contact your JangoMail / JangoSMTP support team.

Friday, February 11, 2011

New Feature: Merge two Email Lists

We've just launched a new feature under Lists that allows you to merge one Email List into another. You can do this via the web interface by going to the Lists tab, selecting the destination Email List for which you want to merge into, and visiting the List Tools tab. There you select Merge email lists and then select the source Email List whose members should be merged.

Notes: The email addresses in the Source Email List will then be copied to the Destination Email List. The Source Email List will not be modified. If the two Email Lists have different fields, then only the fields they have in common will be copied.

Web Service Method

You can also merge Email Lists with the API, using the MergeEmailLists method:

  • MergeEmailLists
    Merges two Email Lists by copying the List members from the Source List to the Destination List. Returns a String.

  • Wednesday, February 02, 2011

    New SMTP Relay option to preserve custom headers

    We have launched a new feature that will give you the option to preserve custom headers when using the JangoMail SMTP relay at To enable this option, go to Settings --> SMTP Relay, and check the Preserve Headers box.

    Enabling this option will preserve any custom headers that are a part of your original mail message. The SMTP relay previously would strip off custom headers before teh email was delivered to the recipient. With this feature, if your email message includes custom headers or headers added on by an email client like:


    They will be included in the final email sent to the recipient. Additionally, if you have custom headers that help identify an email message in your internal system, such as:


    those will also be preserved.

    We will be enabling an option in a future launch such that you can set a particular custom header's value to show in reports, allowing you to tie each individual sent email, open, and click back to your internal system's own identification mechanism.