Friday, February 11, 2011

New Feature: Merge two Email Lists

We've just launched a new feature under Lists that allows you to merge one Email List into another. You can do this via the web interface by going to the Lists tab, selecting the destination Email List for which you want to merge into, and visiting the List Tools tab. There you select Merge email lists and then select the source Email List whose members should be merged.

Notes: The email addresses in the Source Email List will then be copied to the Destination Email List. The Source Email List will not be modified. If the two Email Lists have different fields, then only the fields they have in common will be copied.

Web Service Method

You can also merge Email Lists with the API, using the MergeEmailLists method:

  • MergeEmailLists
    Merges two Email Lists by copying the List members from the Source List to the Destination List. Returns a String.