Saturday, July 22, 2006

Feedback loop established with MSN/Hotmail

JangoMail has established a feedback loop with Microsoft that allows MSN/Hotmail recipients to automatically be unsubscribed from a JangoMail customer's account when they report an e-mail as spam within the MSN/Hotmail environment.

You will now see manual unsubscribes in your account for and e-mail addresses. These are a result of the recipients reporting your e-mail message as spam, and the feedback loop kicking in to automatically unsubscribe these recipients.

Smaller "Powered by JangoMail" icon available now

There is now the option of having a smaller "Powered by JangoMail" graphical icon added to the bottom of HTML e-mail messages. Here is what the smaller icon looks like:

Thursday, July 06, 2006

"Powered by JangoMail" footer to be added to complimentary/discounted customer accounts

Starting next week, JangoMail will begin adding a "Powered by JangoMail" graphical footer to the bottom of e-mail broadcasts sent through customer accounts which are either complimentary or discounted.

The graphical footer will link to JangoMail's home page and will look like this:

Additionally, a two-sentence footer will be added to text messages.

After never having forced a "Powered by JangoMail" footer in JangoMail's entire history, we now feel that this will be a good marketing tool to help us grow, which in turn, will allow us to continue to provide our complimentary/discounted customers with excellent service.

If you are a paying customer, and would like to do us a huge favor, you can also agree to have the footer appended to your mass e-mails. Just contact us, we'll gladly add the footer, and we will deeply appreciate you allowing us to do this.