Thursday, July 05, 2007

New Feature: Are you sick of being thanked?

Often times, after sending an e-mail campaign, the sender receives an influx of "thank you" auto-replies from recipients. Tonight we have introduced a new Reply Management Feature that allows you to filter out "thank you" auto-replies from valid replies after you send an e-mail campaign.

You can choose to have these "thank you" auto-replies sent to a designated e-mail address, and you can have the subject of the e-mail prepended with some text. For example, you can pre-pend the subject of these e-mails with "THANK YOU: " so that you can easily identify these "thank you" autoresponses from actual replies. You can also choose to have "thank you" auto-replies not e-mailed to you at all but simply stored in Reporting for you to view.

By default, the "thank you" filter is off. To configure your "thank you" filter settings, go to My Options --> Reply Management.