Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Reply Filters Enhanced

We have made enhancements to our reply handling mechanism - the mechanism that separates and categorizes messages like out-of-office auto-replies, challenge-response emails, and valid replies after you send an e-mail campaign.

Specifically, reply messages that have the following text in the beginning of the Body will be treated as unsubscribes:

  • please remove me
  • dont send me
  • don't send me
  • please stop emailing
  • stop sending me
  • take me off
  • unlist
Additionally, we have improved our Challenge-Response message filtering to include challenges from the following additional Challenge-Response vendors:

  • ZoneAlarm Challenge Response
  • Bsafe Online Challenge REsponse
Lastly, we have improved the "out of office" autoreply filter to include more phrases that indicate that the recipient is temporarily away.

All of these enhancements serve one unified purpose - they allow JangoMail clients to spend less time wading through replies that aren't really replies and more time responding to valid replies and generating revenue for their organizations.