Friday, February 03, 2006

New Way to Contact JangoMail Support

Since the beginning of JangoMail, we have used as our support e-mail address. We are phasing out and phasing in a new web-based support contact system, located at:

This web-based support contact form has several advantages over using

1. gets a lot of spam, and sometimes real support requests are confused with spam and vice versa.

2. It isn't always apparent to which account a particular support e-mail is referring, unless you, the user, are careful to include your username or contact information within your e-mail message to

3. Our support personnel will now be able to look at your support history to refer back to an old case when necessary.

4. If you are logged IN to your account when accessing, then all of the contact information fields will already be filled out. All you have to do is type in a Subject and Message and hit the button.

We will continue to read and respond to e-mails sent to for now, but around mid-next week we will setup an autoresponder on the account that automatically kicks back an e-mail instructing you to submit your support request at instead.