Wednesday, August 16, 2006

HTML Editor Upgrade / New "Send E-mail" Features

We have upgraded our Enhanced, Java-based HTML editor. We have also enhanced the look/feel/functionality of the "Send E-mail" page. If you use the Enhanced Editor (as opposed to the Simple Editor), the following changes are now in effect in the editor:

1. The "Insert Images" dialog box has a better and faster user interface. Firefox users previously were unable to insert images using the Enhanced Editor, but now this has been fixed.

2. There is now an "Upload Images" button to the immediate left of the "Insert Images" button.

3. Some users were experiencing an issue where the spell-check feature would not work. This has been resolved, and spell-check should now work for ALL users.

4. The font and heading dropdowns now contain the options in the actual fonts and headings that are available.

5. There is now a "Print" option under the "File" menu.

6. Composing a plain text version of your HTML message is now as simple as clicking a button. Click the "Set Plain Text Automatically" button next to the Plain Text field, and JangoMail will automatically generate a plain text message based off your HTML message in the Enhanced Editor.

7. The "personalization" instructions above the Subject/Message area can now be expanded/collapsed at will, which gives the page a much cleaner and efficient look.

8. You can now decide whether the Plain Text or the HTML Editor loads when you first go to the "Send E-mail" page. You can configure this option under My Options --> User Preferences --> Send E-mail Page.