Friday, January 12, 2007

New Feature: Dynamically Inserting Subject into Message

At the request of a JangoMail client, we have developed a feature which allows for the insertion of an e-mail message's Subject into the message Body dynamically. This feature uses regular personalization syntax. To insert the Subject into the Body, use %%Subject%%.

For example, if the Subject of your e-mail message is "Hello %%FirstName%%, here is a special offer for you" and you wish for this same text to appear in the Body of your e-mail message, simply insert "%%Subject%%" into the Body of your message.

A couple notes:
  • If the Subject contains its own personalization parameters, the personalization on the Subject will be done before the "%%Subject%%" in the message's Body is replaced.
  • If "Subject" is already a field name in your Group or in your database table, then that Subject's value will take precedence over the e-mail message's Subject. So if the Group you are sending to has a field called "Subject", and then you use "%%Subject%%" in your message's Body to personalize, the Group field's value, and not the messages's Subject, will be used to replace occurences of "%%Subject%%".