Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Awesome Enhancements to JangoMail Groups

Over the last few months, we have been busy architecting a brand new storage system to house JangoMail Groups. That project is now complete, and this week we're converting all JangoMail Groups over to our new system. To help you delineate which Groups have been converted and which haven't, we have temporarily placed an * symbol next to each Group that has been converted. You will see this when you click on the Groups and Email Addresses tab and view your Group listing.

Additionally, all new Groups created going forward will be using the new architecture.

The benefits of our new Groups architecture include:

1. The ability to have up to 240 fields in a Group with no performance degradation. Previously, you were limted to around 40, before sending to and segmentation on Groups would underperform.

2. Much faster segmentation of Groups when using the Filter and Send feature.

3. The Delete All Members button will now work almost instantaneously. Previously, this could take several minutes with large Groups.

4. The ability to search your Groups. You can search one specific Group or you can search all of your Groups at once. You can search on any field in a Group (such as E-mail Address, or First Name, or Company Name, for example), and you can search based on partially matching expressions. So if you want to find e-mail addresses across all Groups that contain "yahoo" in them, now you can!

5. Much faster Group imports.