Sunday, November 04, 2007

New Feature: Large Text Fields in Groups

When managing fields in your Groups, you now have the ability to create a special type of field which allows for storage of a large amount of text data.

  1. Fields in Groups could store a maximum of 8,000 characters
  2. The total amount of personalization amongst all fields within any single e-mail campaign could not exceed 7,900 characters.
  1. A "large text" field in a Group can now store virtually an unlimited number of characters.
  2. There is no limit to the amount of personalization within an e-mail campaign.
To create a Group field that can store large amounts of text:
  1. Within your Group, click on "Modify Fields in Group".
  2. You can add a new Group field that stores large text by choosing a name for the field and checking the box labeled "Will store large text data".
  3. You can convert an existing field by clicking the "Convert" button next to the existing field.
  4. If using the API, use the AddGroupField_Big method instead of the regular AddGroupField.
Warning: The caveat of a large text field is that you cannot segment your Groups nor use Conditional Logic on large text fields.