Friday, December 21, 2007

"View as a Web Page" now supports personalization

Many customers have asked for this recently. Now, when you insert a "View as a web page" link into your HTML e-mails, if you're using personalization syntax within the HTML e-mail, that personalization will now properly render in the web page. Previously, the "View as a web page" feature did not show personalization and instead showed the percentage / field name syntax (example: %%FirstName%%).

To insert a "View as a web page" link into your e-mail, you simply insert this code into the body of your HTML message:

Click <A HREF="***uniqueid****">here</a> to view this e-mail as a web page.

Alternatively, if you're using the Enhanced HTML Editor, you can simply click the "Web" button to dynamically insert a "View as a web page" link wherever the cursor is. To learn more about personalization syntax in your e-mail messages, see this tutorial.