Monday, February 25, 2008

New Bounce Handling Options

As a result of customer requests, JangoMail can now have bouncebacks e-mailed to either the From Address on an outbound e-mail campaign, or any other designated e-mail address.


Prior to switching our SMTP platform in March of 2007, JangoMail was using the Microsoft SMTP service to send e-mails. The MS SMTP service e-mailed back bounced messages to the address used in the MAIL-FROM part of the SMTP transaction. When we switched to our custom JangoMail SMTP Service in March 2007, this functionality disappeared, and instead all bouncebacks were stored in our database, rather than e-mailed back to the sender.


Under Settings --> Reply Management --> Bounce Handling, you can now specify whether bouncebacks should be e-mailed or not. You can choose to have bouncebacks:
  1. E-mailed back to the From Address on the e-mail campaign
  2. E-mailed to a different designated e-mail address
  3. E-mailed to both.
Additionally, on the Send E-mail page, we have removed the "Bounces handled by JangoMail" checkbox next to the From Email Address field, since bounces are now (since March 2007) always handled by JangoMail, regardless of whether the bouncebacks are e-mailed to the sender or not. However, you do still have control of the MAIL-FROM address. If you would like the MAIL-FROM address used in the SMTP transaction to be the same as the designated From Address, you can uncheck the checkbox under Advanced Options labeled MAIL-FROM Address.