Friday, September 26, 2008

Bug Fix: Foreign Characters and Personalization

We have now deployed fixes for two bugs related to handling foreign characters in personalization.

Using the API for "on the fly" personalization

Using our ability to do "on the fly" personalization with the API in the SendMassEmail method, we were not properly encoding personalization when it involved a non-English character set.

With this correction, you can now submit personalization field values that DO use the non-English character set, provided that it is specified in the CharacterSet option.

Now, your Options attribute can contain parameters like:


This would allow you to then use the following to create a merged message with non-English characters:


Hello %%FirstName%%Message=Hello %%FirstName%% %%LastName%% -- today's headline is %%Headline%%

Using foreign characters in stored Group data

When storing data in a JangoMail Group, foreign characters inserted into a group member's field previously had turned into neutral placeholders when saved. Now JangoMail can correctly store foreign characters in Groups too and use that for personalization.