Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Design: Features Page

JangoMail has a very comprehensive feature list and we've been working on a way to organize it so that it's easy to navigate. We want to make sure that our current and prospective customers are able to identify all of our capabilities and can easily find all of the information and tutorials we have on each feature.

We are excited to announce that we just relaunched our Email Features page, which now has an improved navigation system. You can expand each feature set and feature for more information. 

*Use the Table of Contents to find the feature category you are interested in.

*To navigate to a certain feature's description, video, tutorial or blog entry, simply click the arrow next to that feature.

  Then click on the link for the information you would like to see.

*To see a visual description of a certain feature, click on the name of that feature.

  A window will pop up with a visual description of the feature.

Browse through our new page yourself at: Let us know what you think!