Monday, May 03, 2010

Changes to web database connection settings

We made a change this weekend that affects all users that had set web database settings under Settings --> Web Site / DB Settings.

[This screen should no longer be used.]

Settings on this page were applicable when any of the following operations were executed:
  1. Synchronization of unsubscribes, bounces, opens, clicks, forwards with a web site database
  2. A call to the SendMassEmail or SendMassEmailPrevious2 API methods, while passing in a SQL query to the ToWebDatabase parameter.
Thus the settings were applicable for web database operations that occurred outside the normal JangoMail web interface (offline operations).

We have now replaced these settings with the ability to declare an existing Web Database Connection Profile as the Master Web Database Connection Profile. The profile chosen as the Master Profile will be the profile whose connection information will be used for the aforementioned "offline" operations.

[The "Master Profile" page should be used instead.]

If you had settings on this page, then a new web database profile has been created for you called Default Master Profile. This profile copies the settings from this page, and is already set as your default profile.

Only one web database connection profile can be declared as the Master Profile:

Web Database Connection Profiles can be created under Connect to My Database --> Connect to Internet Web Site Database. Once the profile has been created, it can be set to be the Master Profile under Settings --> Web Site Database --> Master Profile.

Note: If you are using a custom web database integration, it is important to correctly set the Variable Name that is the SQL Statement when you create your master profile. It is this variable that is substituted with the correct SQL statement when either of the two offline operations mentioned above are encountered.

For now, we have left the page "Web Site / DB Settings" in place, but we'll soon be removing this page from the interface completely.