Friday, July 05, 2013

How A Little Cheese Can Lead To Email Marketing Cake

July Fourth is over. Or ... is it?
Because many companies gave their employees 4 day weekends, you have to expect people are making the most of it. Fortunately in this visible media day and age, you may start to see pictures like these roll into your social news feeds and inbox.

So, what's this have to do with email marketing? 
Simple. It  may be time to light up your email lists with some harmless yet strategic fun. Depending upon your line of business or the purpose of your organization, try sharing another side of yourself. Showing customers or contacts that you have a sense of humor, or pride in your community is more apt to strike a cord with your audience than the stale "Happy 4th!!" .jpg you sent earlier in the week.
Show customers the "real" you. Feature team members and let the world see you in a more relaxed, approachable situation. Prompt customers or followers to say - "hey, I've seen him/her around town" or "he/she looks like a real person". It's all part of making a (first or establishing a new) connection. Photo proof of your humanity and humor is a nice segue into establishing or solidifying a relationship. Not to mention, your group or business' logo will be featured in every communication - enhancing the good vibes associated with your brand.

Get your email recipients to share
Bet you're not the only one with a picture of a baby with a beer on their head. Your customers or followers probably have some rowdy shots to share. Why not make it a contest? When we all go back to work after a long holiday, it can be the longest work week ever. Make light of it by calling out for the funniest, most patriotic or best fireworks pictures of the holiday. It will help your email recipients relive a little of the magic, courtesy of your underlying marketing tactic. 

Hey - we want to see your pictures, too. So, don't forget to include our JangoMail team if you get together a post-July 4 blast. In the meantime, have a great rest of the week, folks. If we don't hear from you first, we'll talk to you soon!