Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Eight (Condensed) Steps to Better Email Deliverability

The primary focus of JangoMail is to provide customizable and personalized email deliverability that will separate our customers from their competitors.
These eight steps will help you to better understand the services JangoMail can provide for your company’s email delivery system and how you can get started on the path to better email deliverability with your company.

  1. Branding Your From Address – Anyone can create a free Gmail or Yahoo account and send an email under your company’s name. Having a branded email domain will allow recipients to clearly see who is sending a message and will more likely lead them to click and open, which means more transactions for your company.
  2. Customizing Your Tracking Domain – Every new JangoMail customer acquires an assigned tracking domain that is the same as multiple other clients’. Personalizing your tracking domain name to fit your company will set you apart from the rest of our customers, maximizing your customization.
  3. Setting Up Domain Keys/DKIM – The email authentication standards Domain Keys and DKIM allow senders to securely deliver messages and eliminate fraudulent emails.
  4. Confirming Yahoo Feedback Loop – After completing step 3, Yahoo will send a verification email that will set up a feedback loop between your company’s postmaster, Yahoo and JangoMail. This will allow any recipient complaints to be properly heard by all three parties and conveniently dealt with.
  5. Creating an SPF Record – Setting up a SenderID on your domain will allow proper diagnosis of forgery, spam, worms and viruses in your system. 

  6. Plain Text Message – To lower scrutiny from spam filters, the best idea is to send a corresponding plain text message with every HTML email you deliver.
  7. Return Path Program – Two levels of high-reputation sending are available through JangoMail. The first level is being a member of the Safe List, which allows a sender to preferential treatment from spam filters. The second level of whitelisting is being included on the Certified List, which grants the user access to send emails with the highest standard and through optimal preferential treatment.
  8. Anchor hyperlinks with Text Phrases and not URLS – This practice keeps phishing filters from believing your message is fraudulent.

For the expanded version of this list, including graphics and detailed information, go to https://jangomail.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200660134-Eight-Steps-to-Set-Up-Email-Deliverability.