Sunday, November 20, 2005

Reminder - JangoMail will now add a CAN-SPAM footer if not already present

If you haven't already asked for an exemption from this policy, your JangoMail account is now set to add a CAN-SPAM compliant footer to your outbound mass e-mails if the system detects that your e-mails do not already have one.

A few specific points:

1. You can control your invididual CAN-SPAM footer settings under My Options --> CAN-SPAM Footer. From here, you can set the Company Name and Address information that appears in the footer, as well as set the font/size/color of the text.

2. The footer will only be forced onto your outbound mass e-mails if JangoMail detects that the necessary information is not already present. JangoMail will determine whether it is there or not by looking for the presence of the JangoMail unsubscribe link in HTML e-mails or unsubscribe instructions in text e-mails.

3. The footer will only be added to e-mails sent from the JangoMail web interface. Mass e-mails sent via the JangoMail API or via initiation through external e-mail clients will not be affected.

4. If you have been using a custom non-JangoMail unsubscribe mechanism in your e-mails, or you believe you should be exempt from this policy, you may elect to have JangoMail NEVER force a footer by contacting us at Please include your account username in your e-mail.