Tuesday, March 07, 2006

How the spam blocker works

You may be wondering how JangoMail determines whether a response to a mass e-mailing is a valid reply or spam. The method JangoMail uses to decide is quite simple. Any response that doesn't fit into other categories, such as unsubscribes, bounces, out of office, etc., must be either spam or a valid reply from your recipient. The e-mail is assumed to be spam unless at least one of the following criteria are met, in which case the e-mail is a valid reply:

1. The Subject line of the e-mail is similar to the Subject line of a previously sent mass e-mail from your JangoMail account.

2. The From E-mail Address of the e-mail matches an address to which you've recently sent a mass e-mail.

3. The Body of the e-mail contains a special header that JangoMail includes on all outbound mass e-mails. This would indicate that the recipient replied to the e-mail, and left your original mass e-mail, with headers, at the bottom.