Tuesday, June 27, 2006

You can now EDIT an existing e-mail message

On the "Send E-mail" tab, there is now an option to edit an existing e-mail campaign.

Editing an existing e-mail campaign is necessary:

1. If you want to make changes to a scheduled mass e-mailing that has not been sent yet (before the "edit" feature, you would have to schedule the e-mail again with the changes made, and then delete the first e-mailing).

2. If you want to make changes to a mass e-mailing from the past that you might now want to use as an autoresponder, in a recurring schedule, as a Trigger, or as a confirmed opt-in message.

Note that while editing a campaign, you are overwriting the data for an e-mail campaign. You cannot send to your recipients while in edit mode, although you can send a test (preview) message to yourself. If you want to use an old e-mail message as a starting point for a new e-mail campaign, then use the "Re-send Old Message" option from the "Send E-mail" tab.