Monday, June 25, 2007

New Feature in Beta: High Speed Imports of Recipient Lists via FTP

We are beta-testing a new high speed recipient list import mechanism with several customers. This feature allows you to FTP a flat text file containing recipient data to JangoMail. JangoMail then performs a high-speed import of your recipient data into a JangoMail Group-like structure, allowing you to send to your file as you would a JangoMail Group. The difference is you can import hundreds of thousands of records this way in mere seconds!

However, the limitation with this method of importing data is that you cannot take advantage of regular Group features, such as:
  • Autoresponders
  • Giving a link to allow a subscriber to modify his Group profile
  • Giving a link to allow a subscriber to delete his Group profile
  • Segmenting data based on field criteria
  • Segmenting data based on recipient behavior
  • Merging report data with field data from the recipient file
This "quick and dirty" method of importing data is meant for those users where import time is of the essence, and the other advanced JangoMail Group features aren't necessary.