Wednesday, May 07, 2008

JangoMail's Integration with Salesforce® is here!

Our long-awaited integration with Salesforce® is complete.

If you have a JangoMail account and want to install it into your Salesforce® account, you can Get It Now.

This is a private link because we're not officially listed on the Salesforce® AppExchange® yet, but we will be in 2-3 weeks after they review and certify us.

If you don't yet have a JangoMail account, you can create one for free once you install "JangoMail for Salesforce®" into your Salesforce® account.

For now, this will only work if you have the Enterprise or Unlimited editions of Salesforce®. After we become officially listed on the AppExchange®, even Professional edition users can use our integration.

What can you do with JangoMail for Salesforce®?
  • Create, send, and track targeted email campaigns to your Contacts, Leads, and Campaigns. Send one-off emails to just a single Contact or Lead, send to selected Contacts or Leads based on criteria that you define, send to all of your Contacts or Leads, or send to a pre-defined Salesforce® Campaign. And you can do all of this from with custom JangoMail buttons within your Contacts, Leads, and Campaigns tabs.
  • Unparalleled real-time Reporting capabilities, allowing you to track opens/clicks/bounces/unsubscribes/forwards and activity through your web site
  • Rendering: See exactly what your email looks like in Yahoo, GMail, AOL, and other email clients before sending
  • Historical tracking by recipient. Click on a Contact or Lead and see exactly what email campaigns have been sent to them, and actions (opened/clicked/etc.) that Contact or Lead took.