Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Features for Mass Email Initiations

Tonight we have added a slew of enhancements to our Mass Email Initiation feature. This is the feature that allows you to send an email campaign to one or more Groups by composing and sending your email message from an outside email program, like Outlook, GMail, or even a Blackberry.

New enhancements to this feature allow you to:
  1. Have a word or phrase automatically pre-pended to the Subject of the email campaign.
  2. Have JangoMail authenticate the email by the From Address rather than by looking for [password-send] in the Subject line.
  3. Encompass the message as received within a pre-defined template. For example, if you wish to send a simple text message from your Blackberry, and have that text message inserted into a more aesthetically pleasing template before the email message is sent to Group members, you can now do that.
Below is a screenshot of the new Mass Email Initiation settings page under My Options --> Mass Email Initiations: