Monday, August 18, 2008

Feature Update: Link JangoMail to Multiple Salesforce Accounts

We have expanded our Salesforce integration so that you can now connect one JangoMail account to multiple Salesforce accounts.

Now, if you have multiple Sales Agents that use their own Salesforce accounts, they can all use the same JangoMail account for sending.

How do you set this up?
  1. From inside Salesforce, click the "JangoMail" tab. If you login to an existing JangoMail account, then the Salesforce account from which you logged in will be ADDED to that JangoMail account's list of linked Salesforce accounts.
  2. Go to My Options --> Salesforce --> Account Settings. Now instead of the previous single line text field that stored a single Salesforce User ID, there is a text box that can store multiple Salesforce User IDs. Type in any additional IDs here, each on a separate line.

This multiple connection only works one direction, however. You currently CANNOT have multiple JangoMail accounts linked to the same Salesforce account. A Salesforce account can only be linked to one JangoMail account, but a JangoMail account can be linked to multiple Salesforce accounts.