Tuesday, August 05, 2008

New Feature: Pre-Process Campaigns Now

You can now choose to have your campaigns pre-process messages scheduled to be sent at a later date when you click on Send E-mail, allowing this task to process in advance and speed later sending.

Every JangoMail campaign starts with "pre-processing," the period where the system creates your final recipient list and assigning your campaign to our bank of senders. We start with building the list of all addresses to which you are attempting to send your message. Then, we cross-check that list for unsubscribes, bounces, duplicates, and invalid addresses.

If you will not be sending your campaign "Now," but at a later date, you can now elect to go ahead and let this pre-processing step take place now so that when the time comes to send out the campaign itself, there won't be any time spent waiting on pre-processing to complete.

How do you use this feature? When you schedule your campaign, just check the box to pre-process now.

Why would this benefit you? If you are sending to a large number of recipients (hundreds of thousands) and/or to a large number of Groups, this period can extend to several hours, based upon the amount of work the system must do to generate your final recipient list.