Monday, February 09, 2009

Forward-to-a-Friend Form Now Available in Finnish

Inserting a "Forward-to-a-Friend" (FTF) link in your company newsletter and other e-marketing materials is a simple and cost-effective list-building technique that allows your email recipients to play an active role in your company's e-marketing efforts.

Clicking on an FTF link brings an email recipient to a new URL where he or she is then prompted to insert their name along with email addresses for up to ten friends who they believe might be interested in the products or services being promoted in the email. But if the email recipient doesn't speak English and the FTF message that pops up on their screen is not in their native tongue, how likely are they to use the FTF form? Obviously, the answer is “not very likely at all.”

In order to increase the odds of their customers using the FTF feature, one of our clients in Finland recently requested that we create a version of the FTF form in Finnish.

The resulting form, which can be used by any JangoMail user with Finnish-speaking customers, can be accessed by inserting the new hyperlink (***uniqueid****) in place of the regular FTF hyperlink (***uniqueid****). Note that the link will only operate properly when it is sent as part of a JangoMail email message because only then will the ***uniqueid**** portion of the hyperlink be replaced by the recipient’s actual unique JangoMail identifier.

In addition to Finnish, foreign language versions of the FTF page should soon be available in French and other commonly-requested foreign languages. If you feel that your company would benefit from having the FTF form translated into your local language, please contact us. We want to ensure that every JangoMail client is making optimal use of this powerful, list-building tool—no matter where they live or which language their customers speak.