Monday, February 09, 2009

Updates to JangoMail's Connect to Local Database Control

JangoMail has made three important updates to its Connect to Local Database ActiveX control:

1. Previously, in order to connect to an Excel database, the program required that the Excel document include a minimum of two rows of data. This issue has been resolved and the program can now accommodate Excel documents which include only a single row of data.

2. The drop-down menus where users select the type of database they wish to connect to JangoMail have been expanded to include Excel 2007 files (files ending in .xlsx) and Access 2007 files (files ending in .accdb).

3. Once a profile has been created in the Extract from Local Database utility and the user has indicated the type of database with which they wish to connect, they are prompted to hit the Connect button. In the past, with larger databases there was occasionally a lapse of several minutes between the moment when the user selected Connect and when the program completed the data upload. Now, thanks to an improved concatenation algorithm, the time required to upload even very large databases has been reduced to a few seconds.