Monday, November 23, 2009

Test our new no-frames interface

Our new no-frames user interface is ready to be tested. To switch to the no-frames interface, login to your account and click the "Switch to No-Frames" link. You can always switch back to the old frames interface if you want to later.

Below is the first screen of the new interface:

Along with the absence of frames, there are three key navigational differences:
  1. The "Account Info" section is no longer a main tab. It is a link in the top area.
  2. The "Help" section is no longer a main tab. It is a link in the top area.
  3. There is a new tab called "Surveys". You can now design and publish and email survey invites to your email lists. The Surveys feature is also in beta. The survey builder runs on Microsoft's Silverlight platform, so if you don't have Silverlight installed, the first time you click on the "Surveys" tab you'll be asked to install Silverlight.
The new no-frames interface will now be the basis for a whole host of user interface improvements, including improved text styling, contextual help, more videos, easier navigation, and clearer organization. Stay tuned for these improvements and future blog posts on how to use Surveys.