Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Test Out Our New Survey Tool

We just launched the first ever Silverlight-based Survey Design Tool. You can now design and publish email survey invites through the JangoMail interface and view your survey results for each individual participant.

Set Up Instructions

1. Click on the new Surveys tab. If you don't have Microsoft's Silverlight Platform installed, you will be prompted to install it at this time. Survey recipients see the survey on a regular webpage and will not need to download Silverlight.

2. Click the Create a New Survey button to get started. Then choose the Blank survey option.
3. To create a new question, click in the box under Create a new item.

Edit the question and answer points by deleting the text that is currently there and typing in your own.
To use a pre-defined set of answers, click the down arrow next to your answer set.
To add space for short text answers and comment sections, click on the down arrow in the box under Create a new item. Then click on the type of answer you would like.

4. When you are done creating your survey, click the Save button.
5. To make the survey available for people to respond, you must publish it. Click on the Publish tab and then click Publish Survey. Here you will get a link that you can send to people to fill out your survey.
6. Set your survey to end by navigating to the Close tab and entering in when the survey should close. You can choose to end it immediately, on a certain date, or after a given number of responses.

Send the Survey
1. When you publish your survey you will be provided with a link. Copy that link.
2. Create an email message in the Messages section as you normally would. Paste in the link that you copied where appropriate. After testing your email and your link, send the email out to your survey list.

View Results
View Recipient-Level Results by clicking on My Surveys in the Surveys section. Click on the Results button next to the survey that you would like to view results for.

We will soon add results in our Reporting and Analytics section as well.