Monday, April 19, 2010

New Feature: FTP your HTML email templates to your account

You can now FTP HTML email template files to, and then choose from these templates to compose an email campaign.

FTP to an email template file, such as a .htm or a .html file to Login to using your JangoMail username and password.

Command Line FTP Example

The above screenshot shows a command line FTP example of connecting to and uploading an HTML template file called BrownieMemorialDay.html.

You may use a friendlier FTP application like FileZilla or even Internet Explorer.

Once you have FTPd a template file, that file will show up after you click the +New Message button in the Messages section. Choose with an Uploaded Template to find your template.

What else can you do with FTP?

You can control several aspects of your JangoMail account via FTP. FTP to to:
  1. Upload images and other email content to
  2. Upload file attachments that you wish to mass email to your recipients, to
  3. Upload email list files to, and JangoMail will automatically turn your file into an Email List to which you can send an email campaign.