Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Feature: Social Sharing Links

We have added Social Media Sharing Links to our Enhanced HTML Editor. You can instantly add buttons to your emails to Share via Facebook, Twitter, Google and  MySpace.

There are two ways to add social media buttons:

1. Click on the new Facebook or Twitter icon in the Enhanced HTML Editor to instantly add a button.

2. Click on the Social Links popup under Message Tools to add HTML code directly to your email.

To add sharing buttons directly to the HTML code, copy and paste the provided HTML code into your email.

How do social media sharing links work?

The buttons in the email will look like this:

When recipients click on the Twitter button, they will land on this Twitter page, which includes a link to the web page version of the email:

The Facebook button will bring recipients here and link to the web page version of the email:

The Google button brings recipients here. Recipients must fill out the details and Google will automatically link to the web page version of the email.

Recipients land here when they click on the MySpace button: