Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Feature: See what device your recipients are opening emails with

We've added a new column to open-tracking reports -- you can now see what browser or device, known as the "email client", your recipients are opening your email with, including the iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and many other platforms.

Use this data to further personalize email campaigns. For example, use your open tracking reports to send a new email campaign with the Subject "Save 20% on next brownie order - for iPad users only" to just the people that opened your last email campaign with an iPad.

To access "email client" reporting data, to Reporting and then go to Opens from either your broadcast email campaign reports or your transactional email reports.

From the Raw Data view, you can see what email client each individual recipient opened the email with. Or, click the By Email Client tab to get aggregate totals on how many emails were opened per email client.

Transactional Email Opens Sample: See how many of each email client type was used to open emails in a specific Transactional Email Group.

Broadcast Campaign Raw Open Tracking Data: See exactly what email client was used to open the email for each recipient. Includes the technical Browser-Agent as well as the friendly name of the email client.