Wednesday, June 02, 2010

New Feature: 101 new templates and editing software

I am happy to announce that a new email template set and a tool to manage these templates is available for download here:

The download is over 100 MB, so it may take a few minutes to retrieve this file, depending on your Internet connection.

This software is called "High Impact Email for JangoMail". It is an email template management tool that comes with 101 email templates, and it works directly with your JangoMail account. During installation, you'll be asked for your JangoMail username and password, so have that handy.

Once you've downloaded and installed "High Impact Email for JangoMail", this is what the application will look like:

The software shows the categories of email templates on the left, and the actual email templates on the right. Select the email template you wish to use and hit the "Next" button on the lower-right.

The email template software will have already stored your JangoMail account username and password when you installed it. After you've selected and edited the template click the "Save to JangoMail" button in the lower right.

To find your new template in your JangoMail account, click the Messages link, click Compose New Message, then click With an Uploaded Template. Click the new template that was created in High Impact.

After selecting your email template, you can edit it within the JangoMail editor to make any final changes, before sending your email campaign:

We hope you find this new email template software useful.