Thursday, June 03, 2010

User interface enhancements to Send Email page

Tonight we've enhanced the usability of the main Send Email page. The screenshot below outlines the improvements:

  1. There used to be two dropdown menus, one for re-sending an old message and another for editing an existing message. These two dropdowns have now been cominbed into one single dropdown with two buttons.
  2. You now have the option to enter a campaign ID manually rather than choosing from the dropdown. The dropdown has always only showed the 500 most recent campaigns. This was limiting to some of our users that needed to work with a much older campaign. Now, you can enter the ID number of any campaign in your account.
  3. Our new contextual help system shows a tooltip when you hover your mouse over the question mark. Look for more tooltips throughout the application as we adopt this system across all of the main tabs.
  4. You can FTP HTML files to, and those HTML files will show in the last dropdown, and can be chosen to create an email campaign. Additionally, if you're using the High Impact Email for JangoMail desktop template management software, those templates will also appear in this dropdown. Note that this dropdown will only show if there is at least one HTML file in your FTP folder.