Monday, May 30, 2011

Enhancement: Much faster sending for broadcast email marketing campaigns

We deployed a code change last week that will allow for significant faster email sending for our high volume clients. The change allows for true parallel sending of email messages across multiple IP addresses hosted on a single server instance. In the past, we employed a round robin approach to sending across multiple IPs, in the case where a set of IP addresses was hosted on one server. With this change, sending speeds will increase by five-fold in some cases.

JangoMail has always used a custom, coded-from-scratch MTA (Mail Transfer Agent). Most email marketing service providers use one of several third party commercially available MTAs, but we chose to build our own for the absolute tightest integration with our Reporting system, and because it allows us to adopt standards faster than our competitors. For example, JangoMail was one of the first Email Service Providers to offer support for DomainKeys/DKIM and allow complete control over domains and their associated keys.

Internally, we call the JangoMail MTA the JangoMail Sending Service, or JMSS. It's a Windows Service written in .Net, and is tightly integrated with SQL Server, which is the core database platform for JangoMail. Over the years, third party MTA vendors like Port 25 and Message Systems have pitched us on their solutions, but in our evaluation, we've found that JMSS better suits our clients. And now, with the speed improvement and an upcoming announcement regarding better DKIM customization, we're more confident than ever in our choice to continue using our homegrown MTA.