Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Feature: A two-step unsubscribe process

We've added a new setting under Settings --> Unsubscribes, that allows you to ask your recipient to confirm intent to unsubscribe after clicking the unsubscribe link in an email campaign.

By enabling the two-step unsubscribe process, a recipient that clicks the unsubscribe link will be taken to a web page where he needs to click a secondary link to actually unsubscribe. Without this setting, clicking the original link in the email will unsubscribe him. This feature enforces a two-step unsubscribe process versus a one-step unsubscribe process.

Our clients have been asking for this feature because:
  1. Often times subscribers click the unsubscribe link unintentionally. With this feature activated, clicking the link in the email will not immediately unsubscribe a recipient.
  2. Some anti-spam systems scan the body of an email and programmatically visit every URL in the email, thus triggering the click of the unsubscribe link. The two-step confirmation process will prevent software from automatically unsubscribing a recipient.
By default, this feature will be off. You must check the box to turn the feature on.