Monday, November 14, 2011

Can JangoMail do that?

Every now and then we get an inquiry from a prospective customer that speaks to a wide variety of JangoMail capabilities.  Sometimes, but not often, I like to give my sales team a break, and post the answer in a blog post for the world to see!

Here is an recent email from a prospect:

We're looking for an e-mail provider that has robust API's and
segmentation capabilities. Triggered e-mails are also a high priority to handle transactional type data. We're also in need of dynamic content features and potentially regional targeting.
We would love to see a demonstration of your product.

And here is the answer.

Robust API - we have one of the most robust and flexible.  Multiple methods can be used to accomplish the same task.  See our full API at

Segmentation capabilities - if you're storing your data with us in Email Lists, then this doc is all about segmentation:  If you're storing your data in your own database and just using JangoMail to connect to it, then you can use any SQL query you wish to segment your data.

Triggered emails - emails can be triggered when a recipient joins your list, opens another email, clicks a URL, or lands on a particular web page.  For more information on triggered emails, see

Transactional emails - JangoMail has one of the most robust, feature-rich, and flexible transactional email platforms available.  Connect via our transactional email API or via SMTP relay.  More information here -

Dynamic content for regional targeting - There are a couple of ways to create dynamic content.  Want each individual email to pull content from a URL on your own server?  Use our content-pull feature.  More information here -  Want to script your email to deliver content based on a recipient's individual profile?  Use a subset of VBScript to "program" your emails.  More information here -

Most of our features are developed after requests from our users.  Have an idea for a neat feature?  We'll likely build it for you if you tell us about it.