Monday, November 21, 2011

New personalization option: a mail-merge tag for the Email List name

You can now personalize broadcast emails with the name of the Email List.  Use this special merge-tag:


You can use this notation in any of the fields that support personalization, including Subject, HTML Message, Plain Text Message, SMS Message, and the From Display Name.  For example, if you're sending an email campaign to three lists, and they are named "Press Contacts", "Corporate Contacts", and "Friends", your email might look like:

Subject: Hey there %%EmailListName%%


Dear %%EmailListName%%,
How are you doing? ...

Of course, if you can personalize with the recipient's first name, your email will have more of an impact, but personalizing with the Email List Name is now possible.  We added this functionality at the request of a JangoMail user.  Do you have a special request?  Let us know.